09 November 2011

The Tally: A Dark Tale of Danger and Diesel for the Student Loan Generation

Having spent years trying to sell my “bloke lit” novel (the opposite of “chick lit”) to literary agents, I’ve finally published it myself as an indie e-book. My hope is that it will sell a sufficient number of electronic copies to justify a modest print run in the future (and enable me to buy a LEGO Super Star Destroyer).

The book can be read on a Kindle, iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone 7 and indeed any PC, Mac or laptop with the appropriate software installed (visit the Kindle Store to download the appropriate free app for your device). You can buy a copy for just £1.71 / $2.75 by clicking here (if you live in the UK) or here (if you live in the USA). 

The Tally is about a group of young men who are sharing a student house in East Yorkshire at a time when a number of students are unaccountably disappearing. Part comedy and part horror, the first half of the narrative is framed as a warped whodunit; the latter half as a horrid examination of identity and culpability. As well as showcasing the squalor and surreal slapstick of student life, the tale focuses on the thin lines that apparently exist between evil and madness, as well as perception and reality. Whilst I’m confident that most open-minded readers would enjoy the novel, above all else it has been written with the British “Student Loan Generation” in mind. It is not at all suitable for readers under 18 years of age and / or those easily offended.

As an independent author, I have very few means of promoting the book beyond electronic word of mouth, and so I would be very grateful if you could let people who you think might be interested in it know about the book and, if you can, post links to it. If you’ve enjoyed it yourself, please also consider writing a review or clicking the ‘like’ button on Amazon. Reviews especially would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your support.