18 February 2012

Half-Price Tallies - LIMITED TIME ONLY!

To celebrate next month’s paperback release of The Tally, for the next few weeks the e-book edition will be available to buy for less than half its usual retail price. You can buy a copy for just £0.77 / $1.22 by clicking here (if you live in the UK) or here (if you live in the USA). 

Furthermore, in a few weeks’ time the annotated publisher’s proof - proudly being shown off by my gorgeous assistant, Charley Rose, above - will be listed for auction on eBay, with all the proceeds being donated directly to the mental health charity MIND.

For those who’ve missed my reviews, of late I’ve been keeping busy reviewing Charlotte’s picture book library. When she’s old enough for Doctor Who, I might even have to bring The History of the Doctor out of mothballs. For any readers with young children, I would particularly recommend The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew it Was None of His Business by Werner Holzwarth - it’s a twisted tale of farmyard revenge that will amuse readers of any age, and that makes The Tally’s humour look high-brow by contrast.

17 February 2012

The Tally in Paperback!

On 7th March 2012 The Tally will be published in paperback.

The Kindle edition was released in November last year and has been generally well-received, reaching #2 in Amazon UK’s “Horror Parodies and Satires” chart shortly after its release, and briefly breaking into their “Horror”, “Humour” and - more recently - “Psychological” charts too.

In the UK, the book will be available to order from
Amazon and Waterstone’s for just £7.99 including delivery. In the US and Canada, the book will be available from Amazon for $13.95, and in Europe for EUR 13.99 (I mention the latter as, despite the book being (arguably) in English, it presently sits 47th in Amazon.de’s “Englische B├╝cher > Krimis & Thriller > Thriller > Psycho & Spannung” chart!) It will also be available to order from all good bookshops (and no doubt many poor and middling ones too) in early May.

As with the Kindle edition, any 
reviews and likes would be much appreciated - you just need to log in to your Amazon account to be able to post them on there (and remember reviews need only be 20 words long, and a like simply takes one click). However, if you’ve already reviewed the Kindle edition, Amazon won’t let you post a review of the paperback as the two versions’ reviews pages are married up. For some reason the same rule doesn’t apply to likes though, so by all means, like away with reckless abandon.

Thank you to those of you who’ve taken the time to review The Tally already - be it favourably or otherwise!